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Yesterday i went to the Fantasy Gatcha Festival, and immediately got sucked in. It’s not that the place is just my avatar’s style so much as that it has excellent stuff. I mean, the horn gatcha alone made me stand around obsessively feeding it L until I got this pretty set of rare horns. I don’t want to go back and complete a few gatchas, but I think I might have to…

I put on this wash of fairy kei-colored clothing (the Katat0nik skirt is perfect fairy kei style) and headed to Oubliette to photo. This sim is ridiculously nice on a good computer, and even then bits of it wander in and out of rez because it’s so dense and pretty. It looks to be going through a bit of renovation, but despite that, the fields and grottos are always magical. I’ll probably spend the week here trying to capture the magic I see in the sim. As always, a few more photos and the outfit credits are after the jump…

Oubliette (4)

Oubliette (2)

Oubliette (3)

Horns: Aisling Sylochka RARE from the fantasy gatcha
Wings: Evie’s Closet Minuet Fairy Wings in orange from the fantasy gatcha
Skin: Pink Fuel Harley in Opaline with Lid 01, special edition
Skirt: Katat0nik tulle skirt (mesh)
Socks: Katat0nik (white) Garter socks in lt pink/white
Shirt: Vintage League Siara blouse
Boots: Lassitude & Ennui Poebe lace-up boots in dusty rose
Hair: LaViere Aurora in frosted pink
Eyes: Shine Lustrous Sepia
Lashes: Dutch Touch

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