Forgotten City on a good computer

Forgotten City (1)

Once, a long time ago, Jackal took me to see Forgotten City. I could barely move, and barely rez any of it, but what I saw was pretty memorable. I went back on my husband’s not-a-Mac and stared around in awe at the neat build. Some things in Second Life withstand time, even though we live dog years in this realm.

I still find the meditation upon fortune and misfortune, growth and decay, very interesting. From the crumbling lands nearest the water, the tall pillars rise that support the towering manses. It’s quite a visual metaphor. I love it when Second Life makes me think! A few more pictures of the build (and outfit credits) are behind the cut.

forgotten city in mochi's skin

Forgotten City (2)

Forgotten City (3)

Skin: Pink Fuel Harley (caramel) in lid 01 and brown brows
Makeup: Mock fruitilicious gloss
Hair: Wasabi Pills Ivette mesh hair in crystal violet
Jewelry: Lassitude & Ennui Macabre circlet and earrings in gold and purple
Choker: Lassitude & Ennui Ophelia Bow & Pearl Choker
Outfit: ~silentsparrow~ Corbie Suite in blood
Eyes: Shine Lustrous Aubergine
Monocle: NALA pin monocle
Lashes: Dutch Touch

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