And your little ducks too

Calas Galadhon (1)

I admit to you all that for years and years in Second Life, I was a blogger shut-in. Instead of exploring and hanging out and poking around this virtual world, I basically looked at stuff other people made, put it on, and then took photos of it. On the plus side I went from being completely sh*t at photography to developing kind of an eye for it, sometimes. It definitely feels rewarding, for example, to look back at how horrible my early flickr photos were! On the minus side, I’m only beginning to appreciate the variety and width of Second Life now… And ah, how sad, sometimes I stumble upon places scant weeks before they downsize and close.

People who aren’t such shut-ins as myself must know already that the beautiful Calas Galadhon parks (named after the elanor and nimphredil-covered hill beloved by the lady of Lorien) are going to close for a while in August. The parks will return, but different. Fewer sims, and some possibly members only. Please read more about it all here!

I’m glad I’m getting to see it all while I can. The sims are sprawling and whimsical in a truly natural way, and I enjoyed taking a dip in the duck-laden swamps. (If you can find the duck in my locks, below, you win a small internet. 😀 )

Calas Galadhon (2)

Helena's hair. Who else's?

Bracelets: +grasp+ group gift
Shirt: MichaMi Carmela bustier in black
Tattoos: ~silentsparrow~ belladonna: lepidoptera tattoos in robin’s egg
Eyes: MIASNOW eyes in gem blue
Skin: Plastik Astrali Skin (basic) Summer Heat
Face tat: Plastik Soul Ink Reloaded in Dag tint
Hands: Slink Mesh Hands in Relax shape

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One thought on “And your little ducks too

  1. Gidge Uriza

    I really like being out and about too. For a while, I was a studio only girl. Now I get really bored of it. 🙂 GREAT pics.

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