Noob Surfing

So it seems odd but I don’t actually recall ever properly surfing. I’ve used surf boards as props, but I can’t remember ever riding one out on the waves. So I decided to do that this morning.

I learned some things. Such as, I’m impatient. I kept clicking REZZ on the surfboard sign, and it kept not rezzing and I’d click it again and nothing and I’d click it again and again and finally I was thinking HELL FORGET IT when I moved my camera angle I saw, OH, they were rezzing on the other side of a small brush of sea grass in front of me.

So I chose one of 20 and took off.

I have to admit, it was kind of silly fun. My suit went up my buttcrack, though. Although – possible it was already there. I don’t know. I rarely look at my own butt!

At JUST about the moment in time I decided I needed to sort out what I was doing for the day, I realized, THIS was what I was doing for the day.

Also this is now the second hairstyle from SLINK that I don’t ever want to take off. STOP MAKING AMAZING HAIR SIDDEAN. Seriously, it’s wicked awesome.

Gidge Is Wearing:

Lashes: Amacci – Eyelash Tattoo 6
Tattoo: cheLLe – (tattoo) Lets Go Back to the Start/100
Eyeshadow: [PXL] JADE PA Green Eyes (tattoo)
Bikini: Baiastice_Chain Bikini-flowers print
Earrings: Maxi Gossamer – Earrings – St Tropez Hammered Disks – GOLD – COLLABOR88
Glasses: Maxi Gossamer – Sunglasses – Milano – Prints+Patterns – Raised
Hair: Slink Bianca Hair Nordic – HAIR FAIR 2013
Feet: Slink Mesh Feet (Av Enhance) Flat S
Hands: Slink Mesh Hands (av) Bag S Right
Slink Mesh Hands (av) Casual S Left
Eyes: Vision by A:S:S – Gemini eyes – Grey/Purple (L)
Vision by A:S:S – Gemini eyes – Grey/Purple (R)
Eye Control: [gi inc] Auto Focus 2.1
Shape: Gidge ~Savoir Faire Shapes~
Skin: [PXL] JADE PA Fade Lips MEB C2 (FR)

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