A tiny island beset by industry

Rougham (2/3)

I went down to Rougham town (it was in the destination guide),
and when I was down in Rougham town, I saw a man astride
a dragon built of wheels and cogs, snorting industrial steam
a gentleman flying without any wings, weaving industrial dreams.

I came to photo my avatar there, wearing this dress from Wishbox
Fancying to myself that I was marrying an industrial gothic, um, … fox.
That rhymes with box, and in Second Life, it wouldn’t be much of a stretch.
But my rhymes are falling apart and so I bid you all a fair…um. Yeaaaah.

More photos of pretty Rougham and the outfit credits behind the cut.

Rougham (4)

Rougham (1/3)

Rougham (5)

Rougham (3/3)

Hair: fashionably Dead Mars side swept in Brunette 1
Skin: Plastik Astrali summer heat skin with soul ink Chaii makeup
Eyes: Plastik Vaele Coll Galaxia Nala
Tattoos: Silentsparrow vintage tattoos from the gatcha
Outfit: Wishbox Morgan in black/coral

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