Beach buns


The other day, a designer politely mentioned that she missed my boy avatar. My inventory is currently full of girl stuff, including (and especially) stuff from Hair Fair. I scratched my head, and then shrugged. Everybody’s used to BoyAcha looking effeminate anyway, so why not just… use the girl hair. Here he is in the fashionably Dead Moon Buns, looking like a surfer boy. Why the heck not.

I’ve taken these pictures on the beautiful sim of GREED. I photoed there because I was hunting comfy beach clothes at AMERIE, and realized that the sim was just plain lovely. It always has been, but it’s easier to notice on my husband’s wide monitor. Whee!

I’m also wearing face tattoos from Miss Shippe’s Studio, old ones, to gently poke her to make more. PLEEZ? More photos of GREED and credits behind the cut.





Hair: fashionably Dead Moon Buns – Roots 4
Cardigan: AMERIE M Linen Cardie (black)
Shorts: AMERIE M Shortpants stripewhite
Face tattoo: Miss Shippe’s Studio Into It Inuit
Eyes: MIASNOW eyes – shine red
Ear cuffs: SLink Elfin Ear Cuff
Piercings: Ellabella Homeostasis 3
Necklace: Aitui Momolu Jr
Skin: CheerNo Brent blond gold
Tattoo: HUZ secret lotus / black / faded

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