Artis Natur indeed

His house is in the village though

I’ve become addicted to the Destination Guide. My modus operandi is to open it up and click on the first listing that I see for each category, and I end up in some lovely and picturesque places. This one is called Artis Natur. Apparently (according to Helena Stringer) this sim was closed to the public and “invite-only” for a while. They must’ve opened it up, because some random dude tried to hit on me as soon as I got to the sim’s teleport hub. At least, I think he was hitting on me, it was something like “Heeeey [Russian characters]”. Maybe he was simply asking the time?

Anyway Artis Natur is a fine place to sport my new sundress from GATO (at The Dressing Room) and antlers form Schadenfreude. Happy exploring!  You can go visit the sim here.

Whose woods these are

I do not know

Antlers: Schadenfreude Ceryn Flora Antlers
Tattoo: Garden of Ku tattoo dragon
Eyes: Plastik Frozen Soul-Candy
Skin: Plastik Astrali (Basic) Summer Heat
Makeup: Plastik Soul Ink Reloaded in Jana tint
Hair: Lamb Ruby in left-brained color
Dress: GATO Loro Dress for The Dressing Room
Shoes: Lassitude & Ennui Boudoir Mules in silver

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