And the magic DPI is: 4000


Sometimes, late at night on a high platform with no contact with anyone, human or furry or bot, I wonder why the hell I play Second Life. This thought usually comes after my sixth or seventh crash (Damn you, OSX), to the sound of my husband’s voice: “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over.” “True,” I usually growl back. “But this time I changed this one setting over here so maybe it won’t cra — damnit.”

At any rate, I figured out that my raison d’etre in Second Life is to look cute in other people’s creations. So as long as I keep enjoying doing that, I’ll put up with a little insanity.

Bag: Milk Motion My glitter tote bag white/green
Stockings: Schadenfreude Opaque sky white amortentia stockings
Shoes: Schadenfreude new romantics saddle shoes
Hair: Magika Pixie – color pack
Skin: Pink Fuel Harley (peach) Arcade 10
Necklace: Katat0nik Small Alice wonderland pendant from Arcade
Outfit: Katat0nik imaginative school girl outfit in lavender, with pencil and glasses
Eyes: Plastik light collection – zoom
Poses: Lolapop! Katat0nik

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