Why Does The H & G Expo Make It SO Hard To Shop There?

I have now spent three days attempting to shop at the Home and Garden Expo to support Relay for Life. With all of the shenanigans with Ionic ripping RL tiny artists (seriously don’t even argue with me – that case is closed), I wanted to go and BE SUPPORTIVE of the event and charity.

And then I actually tried to go.

The first morning, I had like an hour. I found a slurl someone had posted and ended up in an area that was really not interesting. I had a little time to explore though, and didn’t feel like being “SHOP AND GET OUT” so I wandered. Then I crashed. Then, when I tried to go back, the sims were offline. All of them.

I asked on plurk and was told “Yeah that keeps happening.” I can’t validate that. But I know that for the rest of my log in time that day, they weren’t back.

The next day I had about 30 minutes, it was crunch time. I had a short list of things I REALLY wanted and creators I REALLY wanted to support. Lag. Ok, I know they’ll be lag. Lag. I ask – is there a list of slurls? I get point to THIS. This is not a list of slurls. This is a list of slurls to the SIMS. WHO IS ON WHAT SIM? HOW DO I GET THERE?

I also was shown a map I can’t blow up nor read. I tried to read the maps at the event but again they were so small I can’t read them. It seems like it SHOULD blow up so maybe that’s just my PC.

I tried again today, and despite my FPS dropping to 4, staggered into an area where I could see trailers I recognized. WHAT NEXT ! They were on my list. I drug my avatar over to their RFL vendor and bought whatever was in there. Turns out it was one of these coffee tables. Ok that’s cool.

I also bought some flower pots that it turns out I can’t afford the land impact of, but whatever, they’re cute. Maybe some day.

I tried to find Funky Junk and Mudhoney and some others. I once saw Cheeky Pea but lost her.

I ran into this wall. It’s not phantom. I SEE things on the other side of it. I can’t find a gate through.

And with that, I gave up.

Home and Garden Expo organizers. I know that organizing events sucks and is hard. But seriously, you can’t make it THIS hard for me to give you my money. I budgeted lindens aside FOR this event. If it’s some clever “we’ll make them wander every sim” concept, you probably should consider that not all Second Life residents are unemployed basement dwellers with nothing but light years of time in front of us. In fact, MOST of us aren’t.

Respect our time, respect our willingness to SHOP and support your charity and break it down simply for us.

Next year, you’ll get a LOT more of my lindens if you do.

I’m sorry all you guys I couldn’t find. I meant to shop there but I’m out of time.


Gidge Is Wearing:
Earrings: (Donna Flora) PIGALLE earrings white
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Nails: Slink Avatar Enhancement Fingernails (ANIM)
Nail Color: Flair
Hair: TRUTH HAIR Sadie – Blondes05Fade
Coffee Cup: {what next} GardenCafe Coffee (wear me)
Shape: Gidge ~Savoir Faire Shapes~
Skin: -Belleza- Ava Fair TLC 4
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4 thoughts on “Why Does The H & G Expo Make It SO Hard To Shop There?

  1. Monica Querrien

    I know how you feel. They have a map on the website, but I wasn’t sure where I was located relative to the map. When I went there, I felt like I was walking through mud on at least one of the sims because of the low FPS. I gave up after like sim 3 or 4 because it was pointless.

  2. colleen Criss

    I had very little issues with lag if at all . I went to the sims several times. Day one was a bit rough but it evened out by evening, for me.

    I was glad they had TP boards set up and the SLURLS posted on a few blogs were extremely helpful to me.

  3. Anke


    I don’t know you but I got redirected here from Gogo’s post.

    I’m also an exhibitor at the fair, and while it is a little confusing – especially because the height guidelines are SO huge that some people block others out entirely…

    I did want to post some helpful links, since – honestly, I am financially invested into this.

    Pages such as http://slhomeandgardenexpo.wordpress.com/2012-exhibitors/expo-1-map-sponsored-by-roawanwood/ for example can be accessed through the upper right drop down menu labelled “The Exhibitors” and while no direct slurl exists, you can find a map there at full scale.

    As well, another helpful tip for those wandering listlessly, you can actually find big boards at the landing / welcome spot of each sim that have a directory that teleports you to each store. I absolutely recommend using these, and keeping your draw distance and etc low otherwise.

    This may be new – as I don’t recall seeing it before – but the organizers did also publish this website recently, and maybe it’ll also help you out!


    I hope you’ll get a chance to look at it before it is gone, I’m really happy with my display, even if there were things that could go better. I’m also very happy and proud to be a part of the H&G Expo now that they’ve handled the IP content theft properly. You’ll now find the beautiful and original La Galleria in their place on sim 3. I hope that this sets a proper example for how organizers do have the responsibility and the power to police events from what is blatant thievery, and support original creators – not thieves.

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