What We Like And Don’t Like: For Bloggers and Designers

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There is always a lot of discussion about what’s good, what’s bad, what we want, what we don’t want in SL from creators and bloggers so I asked two questions yesterday to get a comprehensive compilation of some hot topics. I’ll remove the names because I don’t want to start mafia wars “OMG SHE WAS TALKING ABOUT MEEEEE” but you never know, maybe she was.

My first question was the negative. “What SL Fashion Trends Should Die?”

These are the responses I got:

  • those stupid baggy crotch pants.
  • gods yes the crotch pants…
  • Super sad mouth expressions
  • invisible pony rider shapes
  • knee knickers
  • cum lollies
  • lens flare
  • good morning btw, Gidge (cozy)
  • Those massive prosthetic boobs
  • badly photosourced stuff
  • dun hate on my lens flare attachment!!!
  • “haute couture” that is SO badly made you rather die than being seen wearing it
  • YES
  • being half-french, the stuff i see in SL that calls itself “haute couture” makes me WEEP.
  • also, couture hair. if you texture a ball with some random hair texture and perch it on your avatar’s head, it’s still just an awkward ball with a hair texture and not haute or anything.
  • it makes me want to stab my eyes. The alpa issues, textures, rigging… ugh.. and then the prices hahahahaha, seriously?
  • depends on how big it’s made… could go quite haute :-)
  • lol yes
  • megaprim haute!
  • 64m of haute! flattening the audience!
  • also, “stormy”flexi prims…. the ones that will only settle down when the avatar wearing them dies
  • flexi ball gowns, REALLY? its 2013!
  • also … and i know i’m going to get some hate for that … dramatic flexiprim ballgowns. we’ve had 6 years of that! it’s enough! please!!!
  • lolas need to die
  • lol – great minds think alike!
  • hahahah
  • lmao… great minds indeed!!
  • what’s with all the flexi … place being griefed?”oh no, it’s Beyoncekhardasian524 resident having the time of her life!
  • also again, because its 2013, and good god get with the times, but bodyfat 0 and legs 100
  • Beyoncekhardasian524 resident made me spit coffee on my screen
  • Derpy faces just staring dead eyed in every pic. Learn how to work your emoters a little bit.
  • I spit on my keyboard
  • frownyfaced shapes
  • oh jeez, What x said. Legs at 100 bad!
  • Super low crotches, miserable looking faces on bloggers, mega squint, mahoosive asses/tits, microscopic waists and crotch gaps so wide you could drive a bus through ’em
  • Mahoosive! (lmao)
  • Oh and huge pre-sculpted trainers/sneakers… Flexi prims with/without alphas and non-standard mesh sizes dammit! Some of us have small boobs!!!
  • for me, its more that the pony riders look dumpy, short wide legs and big knockers but dumpy
  • There’s one blogger who combines the squint, frown and invisible pony riding…
  • Everything above. I am only grateful that so far no one has managed the duck face in sl.
  • With the orange face and bleach blonde hair? ;-)
  • all of the above plus bloggers and content creators who have lost the plot line….SL and fashion are supposed to be FUN. Lighten up, laugh a bit and stop acting like your life depends on the next new release
  • Oh… MORPHS!!!
  • I swear we worked out the duck face in SL I shall test it later
  • Pretty much everything and anything about this look – pic removed so no one weeps
  • the shape, the clothes, the fake tits, the frowny smiles, half-dead eyes, the piercings, the tattoos, the stupidly long nails – basically the entire baby prostitute zombie hooker look.
  • i hate the giant top lip, small bottom lip look. there’s a reason why that doesn’t occur naturally in rl humans.
  •  also can’t stand the other way around (lmao)
  • that’s a thing!? i haven’t seen that one. i think i’d hate that too. i’m all for pouty full lips or even thin lips are fine too but when it so off that it makes the skin & face look distorted i’m like no.
  • surface piercings that look infected
  • the entire sweaty boob look
  • unrealistic piercings. like, okay, you want to have a one inch lower lip piercing, awesome – but if your avatar doesn’t even have a proper chin, this just isn’t going to work. at all.
  • depends on how you view your second life, which is different then others second life. Some go for the avant guarde fashion, might not like the fashion forward, etc.
  • studded everything.
  • antlers
  • Nekos. They’re still out there. o.o
  • Having something on every attachment point. Seriously? You don’t need to have everything on every point. Sometimes just a bracelet or earrings work over ten pounds of jewelry. (annoyed)
  • anything hovering in the mouth. But seriously, if bloggers didn’t do all of the things above, we’d all look the same and I’d find that boring.

    Nailed Down_004


    Surely there is something good? Well yes. Yes there is. Next I asked “Fashion trends that are brilliant that you can’t get enough of?” 
    Here is what they said:
    • Cardigans.
    • socks!
    • Wings! Prosthetic feet! I wanted them when I first resized in 2006. When Sidd made hem I was ecstatic! Oh & ears… Fae of course. :-)
    • mesh hair that does not go through my shoulders, fabulous bare feet, tank tops for some reason and mesh jeans that make my bottom fabulous
    • I say fabulous too much. that can stop
    • camo & sunglasses
    • Hats with hair. I’ve always loved a good hat hair!
    • Purses and clutch bags
    • long rigged hair <3
    • eyes with different sizes
    • Mesh eyes
    • Mesh nails and all the appliers
    • ooh, i second hat hair, there hasnt been much mesh hat hairs released
    • appilers. not sure i can think of anything else.
    • i want mesh eyes with different size pupils, so i can do a david bowie thing
    • oh i like teeth. how did i forget that.
    • teeth, Lolas, mesh dresses with HUDs for changing colors and textures
    • More more tell me mooore!
    • I love how designers are including tucked/untucked versions of some waistbands to allow for a smoother natural look when mixing and matching shirts etc. I love XXS and S+ to help with layering items.
    • incorporating SL locations and scenes into fashion pics. I don’t know if I’m right, but I think I’m seeing more diversity in the settings when taking pics which is nice.


    So, what have we learned? People love/hate the Lolas. Other than that, taste is subjective. But I thought it was a couple of interesting list so I thought I’d share.
    After all, bitches love lists.
    On my plurk timeline are creators, bloggers and shoppers most of which would say their favorite color is fatpack. Their demographic is not necessarily that of the entire SL population by any means.
    But they sure do shop.
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2 thoughts on “What We Like And Don’t Like: For Bloggers and Designers

  1. KerenaZ

    Not a blogger & not a designer, just an ordinary, everyday gal in SL but… am I the only person who finds the twitchy squatty twirly grande dame gesturing come hither look at ME AO’s absolutely ridiculous? I hesitate to use the word ‘hate’, but I do come close with those AO’s. Squatting? Are they serious?

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