A Sense of Poise and Rationality

Poise_010I was musing over my new pet peeve this morning as I lounged around in my comfy jammies.


There are lots of forms of it on the internets, but this one is getting to me. Someone will blog or post on FLICKR “hey I’m going to be gone” only to be met hither and yon with “no one cares.”

Or as we like to say on the internets “no1curr”. Because poor grammar is more insulting I suppose?


But, I think what we’re failing to acknowledge is something simple.

That author or photographer is going to miss YOU. They are going to miss their Second Life that you are part of. They perhaps aren’t admitting it – but if you really think about it, they’re saying “I’m not going to be here to share this space we love.”

If someone said goodbye to you, in real life, and you responded “No one cares that you are leaving right now” – what a jerk you’d be regarded. You might not even miss the person who is walking out of the job for the day, or the house etc. But you respond “goodbye” because it’s appropriate. You wish them well on their journey “Good bye” is a wish of good intention.

And I really, really doubt it, that no one cares.

So what if, instead of saying “No one cares” we said “Goodbye” or “See you when you get back” ?

It costs us nothing be be polite. And someday, just some day you might be glad you were.


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