I used to confuse chartreuse and magenta


I logged into Second Life tonight only to encounter a friend. He was doing well, better than I expected after a long time away, and we caught up with each other. For a little while it was “things that suck” oneupmanship, but it was clear that despite all of my health shit, his life won for worst. That’s the frustrating part about Second Life. You can say “Aw, hug!” but you can’t actually do it, not so that someone feels it. But if being chat-friends means anything, it means that no matter how long you’ve drifted apart, you can always reconvene and share the strange ebbs and flows of life…

Hmmm right, clothing. I’m wearing a new skin that I found discretely hiding in a box in my Objects folder, FCD’s Fantasy skin in moonlight. I’m a sucker for unique colors of skins, and this one is lovely. The rest of my outfit is a wash of color to make up for it. I think my Objects folder is clean, now!


Vest: So Many Styles fur pompom vest in lime for FLF
Hair: Truth Zuzka in silver
Makeup: Schadenfreude yellow sedusa eyeshadow
Socks: Schadenfreude champagne Luisa knee socks
Shoes: Schadenfreude acid leopard Dreamlander heels
Necklace: Lassitude & Ennui knotted pearl necklace in purple
Horns: Plastik Renne horns (string) in chalk
Skin: *FCD* Fantasy skin – moonlight shade
Tattoo: Kanival tattoo 103. color star in skyblue
Shirt: Tres Blah old FLF grey vneck shirt
Bottoms: /artilleri/ Jackie bikini briefs in green/orange/blue
Eyes: Shine Silent Lucidity Sky (large)

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