Side Show Couture

Sometimes, I think it would have been fun to live in the days of the traveling circus. To have side show freaks and bearded ladies, siamese twins and tattooed lizard guys or something like that. Being on the move and exploring the country and meeting people from all over. But the reason my dolly looks sad is because times were not always wonderful. Money was hard to come by and when people didn’t have money, people didn’t come see my dollies show.



Most days there might be 5 people at one of her shows, in the good ol days there were at least 60 gentlemen. Money was great and she was able to purchase amazing attire. Today she chose to wear this interesting design from Chrysalis. It’s simply called Couture Corset and the reason it caught her eye was the amazing cage skirt and cage bra with the gorgeous  black roses that sit atop the cones. My dolly loves interesting pieces and she was sure this would look magnificent during her show. She was not wrong.


Now you would think wearing this lovely piece would make my dolly happy. But, she was still really sad. She longed for the days when all you could hear was indistinct voices over the clanking of glasses, the sea of clapping, the high pitching whistles and the charm of the piano. But, even though her face is filled with sadness, she still gave the few who remained a hell of a show. She is after all a professional side show burlesque dancer.


My Dolly is Wearing:

Outfit: Chrysalis – Couture Corset – black
Skin: Glam Affair – Amberly – Petal – Edward
Make up: La Malvada Mujer – Kiki (double layered)
Hair: Naomie Dirval – DIANA Hair
Eyes: TACKY STAR – Cloudy – med – vein 2
Lashes: Dilly Dolls – prim lashes 2
Shoes: Gos – Grace Sandal – BLack Patent

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