The Objects Folder Challenge – Gidge Edition

OBJECTS FOLDER CHALLENGEHybie issued the OBJECTS FOLDER CHALLENGE and her edict was “make it work”.

I am afraid I played rather fast and loose with her rules. My interpretation was “go to the bottom of inventory, put on items found in “objects” folder, that were still boxed. Continue until dressed.

So, a skirt from Digit Darkes – was when she was still X3D, shades from Tesla, a Tee from Rezipsa Loc, a plate of tapas, hair from Diversity, free skin from Fab Free, so many lovely things still sitting in my objects folder.

Who even cares if they go together? Back in the day, the common wisdom was that this skirt went with everything.

Even a car purse.

No style notes, seriously, you can’t even get these things. 🙂

But – this was fun.


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