Fair day for foul weather

what do you do with the sad in you

What do you do when you feel down to help you feel good again? I curl up around Lord of the Rings (book version), send my husband out to get me snacks and coffee, whine incessantly to whomever will listen, and think about how much my life sucks… I let myself do that for a few hours, and then I have the strength to get on with it again.

Another thing I do is dress up my avatar all pretty and take photos. I did an all-black dressup a few days ago, and decided that this one would be all white. I’m wearing some terribly old things in the mix, but they’re still beautiful. (Come baaack, Scribble!)

when you feel so sad you could bite?

Hair: Lamb falling in powder
Piercings: Ellabella Mynx’s laboradite
Horns: Plastik Valus horns in Osseous
Boots: Lassitude & Ennui Nostalgia boots in white
Lashes: Miasnow white tintable lashes, tattoo layer
Eyes: Plastik lightcollection blam
Nails: Schadenfreude silver glitter manicure
Vest: Schadenfreude blanc deep V vest
Skin: fashionably Dead vampire skin 2 – white brows
Stockings: Schadenfreude white jorogumo stockings
Dress: Katat0nik white Thailor dress
Necklace: vintage Scribble ( 🙁 ) string theory

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