Ugly Duck Soko skin

In the light

Whenever I see posts from Second Life bloggers, I feel this incredible joy that they’re taking time out of their real lives to share some creativity and fun with us. I always wonder what I’d see if I pulled back that fourth wall. Would all of their struggle be revealed? The hard work at the real life job, the family to tend to, the health struggles, the technology issues? To me, that makes every post even more of a miracle! And in that spirit I present these not-entirely-perfect-but-it’s-wot-I-can-achieve photos.

My skin is beautiful. Fade Lei from Ugly Duck has emerged from a hiatus to present us with the Soko skin. It’s got her trademark amazing depth of skin texture, with a creamy complection and perfect natural lips that would make any Lolita proud. I like the Asian tilt to the eyes, and if you unfrock, the boobs are very natural too. (Check it out!)

In the dark

Horns: Plastik Valus Horns in Osseous
Outfit (dress/stockings): Wishbox Coquette in white
Skin: Ugly Duck Soko
Hair: Lamb little queenie – blur ombre
Hat: Lassitude & Ennui elegance tophat in grey
Shoes: Lassitude & Ennui Spectator shoes in black
Eyes: Poetic Colors – Christmas Pearls (free)

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