Maude’s Photoshoot

Hi, I’m Maude and some girl named Hybie (what in the hell kind of name is that) asked me to stand in front of a camera and pose for pictures. I agreed because I was free for a little bit and she paid me 20 bucks.  She kind of acted like she was the big cheese or something.mamaw_001

I was pretty bored and my hip and gams started hurting and she was telling me just a few more minutes cause she was messing that thing in her hands.  About 30 mins had passed and I was gonna be late for Bingo if this took any longer, I hate being late for Bingo.


After I told her what was what she told me to smile big and then we would be done. I think I look pretty damn spiffy.


Maude is Wearing:

Avatar: The Wrigglesworth Residence – Olden Girl Violet (includes – skin,shape & hair)

Sweater: The Wrigglesworth Residence – Fashion Sweater – Diamonds

Pants: Nylon Outfitters – Patterned Jeans – Floral

Loafers: {katatonic} espadrilles  – nantucket

Purse: The Wrigglesworth Residence – Purse Attack V2

Eyes: Ikon – Eternal Eyes – Brown

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5 thoughts on “Maude’s Photoshoot

  1. hybiemynx Post author

    glad y’all enjoyed it. Maude said she might make special appearances from time to time. If I pay her enough of course.

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