of mice and ACK


Six pm. and I heard something scurry, looked left and then right and I began to worry. It had only been 3 weeks since I lived in this house and I was pretty certain that my roommate was a mouse.  I found a hole at the bottom of the wall, peeking in I must have looked 8 feet tall. But as scary as I looked to my new found friend, it popped out it’s head and I ran in the den.


I hopped onto the armchair with magnifier at my side, feeling kinda silly because I really shouldn’t hide but 20 seconds later comes a walking in that mouse and I knew when I examined that he would never leave this house. I guess it’s only fair since it was here first at least it’s not a spider cause that’s the f*cking worst.


Hybie Is Wearing:

Dress: Blue Blood – Penelope – Black – Mesh
Hair: Lelutka- Effect – Pitch – Mesh
Shoes: Autumn’s Heart – Maryjane Boots – Butterfly Kisses
SKin: fashionably dead – Bird Skin – V3
Eyes: Ikon – Utopia – Faerie Green

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