I Moved To Government Housing

My Linden Home - Welcome to 104 - the Boo Haus


It’s true. I have moved into a Linden Home – albeit probably temporarily.

Remember when they came out? And it was like wow, you can put one decent sofa in there and maybe a table and then you are out of prims? Well, with mesh, that’s all changed. I did some very cursory shopping – but my first pass at living a more modest lifestyle has begun, we’ll see how it suits me.

My Linden Home - The Bedroom

I am ridiculously unwilling to give up the things that give me pleasure in my new dwelling. Thus you see a cat eating up 13 prims. I don’t care. It pleases me to have it greet me when I log in, thus it stays.
My Linden Home - The Living Area


I am probably most pleased with the living area so far despite the floating book that I keep forgetting to fix. I have plans to possible acquire different pieces to prim down – maybe change the coffee table. But, I like eclectic and cozy and so far,  I’m meeting my needs with this room.

My Linden Home -Office Nook

I made a little study nook/office area thanks again to the sale at Scarlet Creative. The timing was awesome and her land impact wicked.  It looks out on my courtyard that I share with neighbors I have yet to see.
My Linden Home -Dining Area overlooking the Wee PoolI bought a big unit for dining that does sushi and breakfast and entertaining, again from Scarlet Creative because HELLO awesome sale prices. I think I forgot to buy the houses she had on sale. Ooops.  Space useage wise – the dining area is way bigger than I need.

My Linden Home -The Kitchen from Alouette

The kitchen is one of my favorite things. It’s from Alouette and it’s kid’s play kitchen. 9 land impact with the dishes and pot (or it includes a 6 land impact version without them). Guess what, I stretched it. Still 9 land impact. Now it’s grown up size. AND ADORABLE.

I also added a wall – behind that kitchen, because I needed some sort of break in the space to delineate the rooms from one another – at least in my mind.

I have one prim left.

Whatever shall I do with it?

Furniture included from:

  • Mudhoney – bedroom chair
  • Scarlet Creative – bed, desk, book case, dining table and chairs
  • What Next – Living room sofa, table, decor
  • Barnesworth Anubis – Living room rug
  • Cheeky Pea – Love Seat
  • Trompe Loeil – Patio Chairs and lantern
  • Alouette – Kitchen

THIS IS ROUND ONE. Give me a few months, I think it can be amazing.


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