And your little pink pig too


I had the unexpected opportunity to take another photo in my boy avvie, sliding one in before the end of the month! I’m sporting goodies from Schadenfreude today — antlers from the excellent stocking that Allegory puts up every year, and the Prize Pig too! The vest is from her FLF offering yesterday, and the rest of the outfit is fabulous stuff from ~silentsparrow~. There’s a close up on my manly makeup job (including undereye sequins from Miss Shippe’s Shop) after the cut. I do believe that the Schadenfreude stocking is still up at her main shop, if you missed this lovely yearly freebie!

Two more photos and credits behind le cut.



Antlers: Schadenfreude black antlers with blue lanterns, from the awesome 2012 stocking
Pig: The grand prize at the end of the Schadenfreude 2012 stocking!
Skin: Evian Marlon medium skin w/ ears
Boots: J’s Laceup Short Boots in Denim
Hair: Lamb Blush – Ink
Eyes: Miasnow Eyes in Shine Blue
Makeup: Schadenfreude group gift deathrock eyeliner & lipstick
Sequins: Miss Shippe’s Studio black undereye sequins
Vest: Schadenfreude blue/black deep V vest for FLF yesterday
Jacket and pants: Men’s House of Leaves Suit, ~silentsparrow~, with the Men’s Gloomy jeans cuffs to cover up the boots
Lip ring: Lolapop Spikez! bullring piercing (used to be Lazy Places.)

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