Like the boys


It’s coming to the end of December, which means that I’m almost done with my “dress as a boy all month” challenge. I decided to end by wearing my current favorite boots — these awesome studded long boots by J’s. (IRL I adore a similar style by Jeffrey Campbell, the Helen Spike, heh.) The folder contains mesh sizes for men and women, which is lovely. I’m wearing it with a random Christmas sweater, some makeup, and stuff that’s old but barely worn.

I hope your new year is excellent!

Sweater: Bleak nordic slate sweater
Skin: Evian – Marlon medium with ears
Hair: Maitreya Apple in Crayon color
Boots J’s studded long boots in black
Nails: Schadenfreude silver glitter manicure
Glasses: Schadenfreude hardwired spectacles
Gloves: vintage
Lip piercings: FlipSide F7 Multi lip rings & spikes, probably vintage too by now
Pants: Arai nonwash denim
Scarf: League scarf – cadet
Makeup: Plastik soul ink – scratched out

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