Inspired by Rivendell

And pretty jewelry

I went and saw The Hobbit this past week (it was AWESOME), and was so inspired by the pretty elven clothing of Rivendell that I think it’s going to be tough for me to un-fey my avatar anytime soon. Oh the circlets on Elrond, his jewelry and his robes! My elfboy would live in Rivendell any day. He’s still haunting Balderdash, and that’s really close enough.

Today he’s in a few new lovely things: Schadenfreude’s Leith boots and spats FOR MEN too. Yes, they fit him to a T, and I’m glad he’s walking in those heels and not me, I’d faceplant on the ice! He’s also in a new rose crown by Wishbox. I tried to get my elfboy to wear the matching dress but he’s still hesitating about total drag. I’ll talk him into it eventually. His pretty face piercings are from Ellabella, the Mynx’s Laboradite. She’s got a shop on the Plastik sim – go visit and see more Christmas pretties!

Elfboy in heels

Doze awesome boots: Schadenfreude Men’s Leith boots and spats, yes with heels!
Piercings: Ellabella Mynx’s Laboradite
Crown: Wishbox red rose crown
Skin: Egoisme Evian Marlon medium skin/ears
Eyes: NP Lunar eyes in scarlett
Hair: Lamb Wild Nothing – Ink
Tunic: ~silentsparrow~ (blood) Ritual Tunic Set

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