Seven years of memories

hyasynth modeling for me!

hyasynth Tiramisu of ~silentsparrow~ in L&E’s Thecla boots


My oldest friend in Second Life is hyasynth Tiramisu, and she was kind enough to model one of her oldest pairs of Lassitude & Ennui shoes for the Seven years of Lassitude & Ennui challenge. Actually… hyasynth originally put on shoes that came in two parts, but the prims never un-chunked for me, poor old shoes! So we settled on the Thecla boots, which are not all that old (a few years?), and still very beautiful.

My own oldest pair of L&E shoes are probably a little pair of Victorian heels that I got during my year of living in Caledon. Jackal lived there too, and I met her for the first time at a small concert that someone threw. I fangirled all over her, and she handed me a pair of sculpted flats (the Chloe flats), her first sculpties. “You seem to really have a purpose in SL,” I told her with great envy. “I don’t have that purpose yet!” Then Jackal disappeared into WoW for a year, and I slowly began to blog more and more, setting myself the goal of one blog post a day on my modest little blog ( so that my blogging skills would improve. I wore many more of Jackal’s shoes…and many more of hyasynth’s clothes. And by the time Jackal returned, she had a whole new series of skills to apply to her creations.

It’s funny how sometimes stuff, and certain outfits, can bring on a whole slew of memories. hyasynth in those boots reminds me of the days when I blogged a lot, and hya had the time away from a 9-5 day job to create a lot of beautiful things, and Jackal had just returned to SL…

Boots: Lassitude & Ennui Thecla boots in Sea
horns lassitude & ennui – Slightly monstrous horns light / sorbet
necklace lassitude & ennui Psyche – Silver & blue topaz
Hybrid Jeans – Black
Skin Schadenfreude Moonlight Langwidere [f-b-d] Blush
Nails Schadenfreude Azure Glitter Manicure
Head Crow (Sparrow) Corbie Plush Crow – Happy! Perched on Your Head <3
Socks (quail)(3A) Tweet Over the Knee Socks ~silentparrow~
Shirt (women’s) Cranky Owl Tee ~silentsparrow~
Hair – Magika Tomorrow
Schadenfreude Sparrow Pose 6 (sitting)
Tattoos – tenebrae tendrils tattoos ~silentsparrow~ 😉

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