Projecting like a fiend!

Playing with projectors

Miss Cajsa was kind enough to talk me through using her Status Dual Projector Box 1.0, and indeed, using projectors is fun! The basic box comes with a few very easy-to-blog-with poses, and editing the texture into the light is very easy. I’m still fiddling with my day setting (I think I used one that washed me out a bit here), but it’s nothing but fun!

More about my outfit and photos behind the cut.

Playing with projectors

I’m wearing two whole new things in this outfit!  Both are from Bliensen + Maitai for the Winter Fair.  The necklace, above, is only 1L.  I love the colorful jewel-toned booties, below, too! The rest of my outfit comes from my vast wardrobe of stuff I’ve rarely worn. Oops.

Playing with projectors

Jewelry: Bliensen + MaiTai Winter Chunks necklace dollarbie for the Winter Fair
Boots: Bliensen + MaiTai winter waltz ankle boots for the Winter Fair
Socks: Honey Kitty red flower ankle socks
Facepaint: Schadenfreude pumpkin glitterstareye
Antlers: Schadenfreude star antlers
Jacket: So Many Styles boyfriend’s blazer in black
Eyes: Schadenfreude crowflake eyes
Skin: Ugly Duck First Frost (group gift from last year)
Leggings: Dark Eden Knit Leggings in black
Hair: Lamb Whoop Dee Doo in blood fruit
Bra: Schadenfreude Ciel Cirque Noir bra
Other leggings: DP**yumyum beige leggings
Tattoo: Wicked tattoos: famous tatto in light ink

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