Small cute things

Corbies and a dolly

These adorable plush crows are from ~silentsparrow~ for FLF. There’s a version that sits upon one’s head, but my little avatar is too small for that today! I’m wearing Katat0nik’s Tiny Nurse Doll avatar. The cool thing about the avatar is that it automatically resizes skin, eyes, hair, and eyelashes, so that you can put on whatever you want, easily! (I styled mine vaguely gothy, of course.)

Plushies: ~silentsparrow~ (Bloo) and (Coal) Corbie Mesh Plush Crows for FLF
Skin: Frick Fall Leaves in apricot
Makeup: Frick Nemesis makeup in black
Outfit, shape, shoes, hat: Katat0nik Tiny Nurse Doll (fatpack/bloody variety)
Eyes: Mutsu Coffee Eyes
Hair: Lamb Whoop Dee Doo – Ink

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