October Sky

Ah…October.  Welcome back, so happy to see you again.

A new season means a remodel of my SL home and land, and Autumn is my favorite.  I love those grey skies, chilly mornings, colorful leaves…everything!

For my new outdoor space, I wanted to make it cozy and warm with plenty of options for entertaining.  Have you seen the backyard cinema set by Cheeky Pea and Pilot at Collabor88?  It’s amazing!  I’ve seen something similar on Pinterest and dreamed of having something like it one day, so I’m excited to make it a part of my SL!

(click for larger image)

The Metamorphosis House by Vespertine is cozy and mid-century fabulous, and I tried to reflect that with my decor. I love that there is an abundance of furniture on the grid to work with the theme.

(click for larger image)

It’s a chilly, rainy morning here in the real world. I’d love to be snuggled up in this house with some hot cider, a good book, and soft, crackly music playing on the turntable. Magical!


House: Vespertine “Metamorphosis House”
Skydome: Turnip’s Homes & Stuff “Spring Skydome”


Scooter: 19MC “D-Hello 1.10”

Mailbox: modified from a Nordari house
Apples: Artilleri “Bucket of Apples” (from “Autumn Decor”)
Pumpkins, etc. in Crate: LISP Bazaar “Harvest Box” (from “Autumn Festival in a Box”)
Bicycles: What Next “Plain Bicycle”
Firepit: What Next “Autumn Porch Firepit”
Chairs: Nordari “Wooden Poetry”
Table: Y’s House “Cafe Table”
Radio: Artilleri “Lopolito Radio”
Doors: modified from a Nordari house
Garland: What Next “Fall Garland”
Ivy: Frog’s Garden “Ivy – Black”
Leaves on Patio: What Next “Autumn Ground Cover”

Pumpkins: Artilleri (from “Autumn Decor”)
Birdbath: Vespertine “Bird Bath”
Leaves in Birdbath: LISP Bazaar (from “Autumn Festival in a Box”)

Cinema Set: Cheeky Pea and Pilot “Backyard Cinema” (Sept. Collabor88)

Tent: North West “Vadya Inside/Outside Tent
Firepit: DIGS “Agustin Fire Pit”

Stone walkway: MMG’s “Stone Path”
Trees: Forest Floor “Elm – Thin”
Leaves on Ground: 3D Trees “Fallen Leaves”
Walls/Fence: modified from house


chandelier: The Loft “Painted Chandelier”
Art: Vespertine “Silent Memories 1”
Art: Vespertine “Silent Memories 2”
Art: Second Spaces “Chloe Home Office Maps”
Art: North West “Painting – Barraud”
Wall clock: Cheeky Pea “Mainstream Clock”
Sofa: The Loft “Frezza Sofa”
Cat: Shop Seu “2 Prim Cat”
Side Chairs: The Loft “Wareham Side Chair”
Rocking chair: Mudhoney “Laura Chair”
Rug: LISP Bazaar “Hodgepodge Rug”
Coffee Table: The Loft “Frezza Coffee Table”
Tray: The Loft “Lacquered Tray”
Games: Second Spaces “Pile o’ Games”
Round End Table: The Loft “Frezza Side Table”
Lamp on End Table: Mudhoney “Abby Table Lamp”
Floor Lamp: Cheeky Pea “Vita’s Lamp”
White End Table: The Loft “Side Table”
Flowers on White Table: The Loft “Frezza Baby’s Breath”
Console Table: The Loft “Frezza Rustic Console Table”
Lamp on Console Table: The Loft “Roxanne Lamp White”
Candle Cages: The Loft “Candle Cage”
White Vase Cluster: The Loft “Roxanne Vase Cluster”
Art Under Console Table: Second Spaces “Regan Art Print”
Book Clock: The Loft “Book Clock – Snow” (at Arcade)

Map: Pilot “Traveler’s Map 2”
Record Player: LISP Bazaar “Funky Lispette Record Unit”
Speakers: LISP Bazaar “Urchin Speakers”
Cat: Shop Seu “2 Prim Cat”

Television: LISP Bazaar “Vintage TV”

Bed: Art Dummy “To Sleep Platform Bed”
Screen: The Loft “Painted Screen”
Ottoman: LISP Bazaar “Pansy Puff”
Rugs: LISP Bazaar “Hodgepodge Rug”
Wall Shelf: The Loft “Circle Shelf Ash Oak”

Piano: LISP Bazaar “Piano – Smooth Wood”
Flower: Mudhoney “Marigold in Vase”

Chair: LISP Bazaar “Hodgepodge Chair”
Record Player: LISP Bazaar “Groovy Lispette Floor Player”

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