Sepulchre by the swamp

MiaSnow's new wonderful skin

MiaSnow’s new Zombish skin is shockingly beautiful. What the hell does that say about me? “Gee, I look great dessicated” ? Stop giving me strange complexes, Ms. MiaSnow! I especially love the detail on the dry, lifeless lips. Great job! Along with the partial death, I’m wearing MiaSnow Dead Eyes and a nice frock from Milk Motion. Perfect for an autumn day in the swamp.

And this cool dress from Milk Motion

Eyes: MiaSnow eyes – Dead amber
Horns: Plastik Druzi Horns / double – sunlight
Skin: MiaSnow Skin – Zombish
Hair: Lamb Oleander – moss
Nails: Mandala short nails
Jewelry: Nomine DopeSick
Dress: Milk Motion tea party long dress — blue/yellow

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