Hide from the Rain

After days of getting the “Full sim” message re: The Arcade, I finally got in and got some Lightning Bolts from Deco. Score! I also busted out my trusty umbrella, bought once upon a time at Trilogy. Once again, my blog takes place at the wonderful Zigana sim.

On Till:

  • Skin: The Body Co. – Sky
  • Ears: Aitui – Stretched Ears 2″
  • Hair: Exile – Sid
  • Facial Hair: Zovo – Beard
  • Sweater/Shirt/Tie: Nanuk – Hans Sweater (Retired)
  • Jacket: N-Creation – Hoodie
  • Pants: Entente – Au Fait Jeans
  • Shoes: DECO – Lightning Bolt (From The Arcade Gatcha)

Poses by Del May and the umbrella

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