Reading Your Words At Bedtime

I lay in bed reading trying to find some relaxation at bed time last night, but my mind was racing with the coming Monday and it was impossible to find peace enough to slip under the covers.

I thought a magazine might help, but I found myself thinking of things I wanted to buy, what I was going to wear on Monday, of my friends and all the things I need to accomplish this week and again, there was no rest.

Bedtime ReadingI scrubbed my face and rubbed lavender essential oils into my temples and the soles of my feet, willing rest and calm to take over my racing mind. But that’s when it hit me. The real problem wasn’t me, it’s you.

The beds too big without you.
The Beds Too Big Without You

Now I am awake and bleary eyes this morning. Time to head out for a new day.

WakingIt’s gonna be a long one.

 “Living on my own was the least of my fears.”

                                   ~The Police

Your Shopping List:

Panty: (5th&Oxford) Days of the Week Panty – *saturday* 1 VINTAGE NO LONGER AVAILABLE
Shirt: L’Abel -Adria steelblue shirt – also vintage probably not avail
Nails:Adore & Abhor black and purple
Hair: TRUTH – Charmaine w/Roots – swedish
Ring: [MAGIC NOOK] Letter Ring / L Hand
Shape: Gidge ~Savoir Faire Shapes~
Skin: -Glam Affair- Roza – The Arcade Gacha Events 07
Eyes: Poetic Colorsclassic -tired lilac (m) bright
Bed: Mudhoney – Taylor Bed

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