All Aboard

Hello! I’m new to the blog after being invited to join these fine ladies and gents so that means that this is my introductory post! Some of you may recognize me from my [now newly restored] flickr or other blogs I’ve had the privilege of posting on, but to those who don’t know me, hi! My first post was all taken at the lovely Zigana, which I highly recommend you visit.

On Till:

  • Skin: The Body Co. – Sky
  • Ears: Aitui – Stretched Ears 2″
  • Hair: Burley – Nayuta
  • Facial Hair: Zovo – Beard
  • Tattoos: Aitui – Minimalist Lower Wrist Wraps
  • Shirt: FATEwear – Irwin Casual
  • Underwear: Ronsem – Boxer Briefs
  • Pants: Pumpkin – Low Jean
  • Shoes: Entente – Cousteau Shoes

Poses by Del May

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