Baby Bumps for Gidge

I knew how much Gidge loved this dress and I remember her saying something about how much she wished I would get knocked up so that she could throw me a wonderful baby shower. I’m always one to make other people’s dreams come true so I went and got knocked up yesterday and just like the fairies on True Blood..gestation is short.  I figured I would capture this beautiful moment and frame some preggo pictures for her to cherish for all time. Gidge…these are for you.

I’ll be over here patiently waiting for baby games and booties and diapers. Love ya!

Hybie Is Wearing:

Dress: Geometry – Soliel Maternity Dress – Black
Hair: Lelutka – Lively – Bournville
Skin: Jesylilo – Kaljya – pale skin j1
Shoes: mon tissu – favorite leather flats
Eyes: Ibanez – Sylph – fudge
Preggo Poses by Embody and Penchant

Location: Woo Ying’s Dragon Lagoon

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