Like a leaf on the ground

Pretty dress by Rebel Hope

I took the summer off, returned, and found that everything is Mesh! And not only that, it’s beautifully textured too. Kudos to all the designers who’ve been working their butts off to make high quality stuff in this medium, I’m absolutely enjoying it! Rebel Hope made a new gown, the Heidi dress, and I’ve put it on in an autumnal color. I think it goes well with this elven beastie here.

Click to see lovely shoes and the credits –>

Katat0nik pumps

And stuff

***Dress: Rebel Hope Heidi mesh dress in french toast color
***Shoes: Katat0nik Wingtip Mary Janes in the dark fatpack
***Skin: Plastik Valah skin in dark – cleavage – void, with ears
***Crown: Lassitude & Ennui leaf circlet in copper
***Necklace: vintage Earthtones (not Earthstones)
***Eyes: NP Lunar Eyes in gold
***Hair: Lamb Gemini (mesh) in Mango

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