My Second Box Has Delivered it’s August Goodies!

My Second Box, Second Life’s premieir subscription service for fashion and accessories has delivered it’s August goodies and it’s a great haul this month, especially for us girly girls who need jewelry.

First up is a flowery collection from Caroline’s, a beautiful, delicate set which includes ring, necklace and earrings. 

Callie Cline also provided a collaborative piece she did with byKay and it includes earrings and two solitaires.

Also up this month is Discord Designs which if you are into braids, is your one stop shop for all sorts of fun an interesting designs. This months release which is an essentials pack – included a note, “Warning, it’s big.” You gotta like that!

Also this month is a great mesh graphic tee from Pink Outfitters, with a pretty sparkly heart under your skeleton chest.

Not pictured but also this month is a set of static poses from Exposeur and a couples pose from Exposure. That’s a great pick up for bloggers!

My Second Box is like an event without the lag, you simply join the in world group for 300L and midmonth like magic, your receive at least FIVE new releases from some of the grids most popular creators. As you can tell, any of the above items is worth 300L on it’s own. Each month the items remain in group notices from about the 15th thru the 28th. At that time, everyone is ejected from the group and rejoins to get the new items.

You can get more info at MYSECONDBOX.COM

Click here to join the in world group. Best 300L you’ll spend!


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