Tickled Pink

I love pink hair!

tickled pink

Sometime in my freshman year of high school, I decided I wanted pink hair.  I thought it would look pretty good with my combat boots.  Being a dark brunette, though, I never got the courage to fully bleach my hair so the pink could actually show up.  To this day, I still wish I could do it; the closest I ever came was pink streaks a few years ago.  And though my high school dreams were of hot pink hair, these days I wish I could do a lovely pastel.  Sigh.

But hey.  Isn’t it great we have Second Life, where we can have any hair color we want without all the bleach damage?

With that in mind,  I want to share a few of my favorite pink shades in SL.

PS:  My favorite is Lamb’s “Blush” tone from her new Macaron pack.  It’s so dreamy.

PPS: Here’s a picture of some macarons, because they make me as happy as pink hair.

Macaron image from www.puglypixel.com freebies.  


All looks:

Skin: LAQ “Alva” (Milky)
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard “Mirror Eyes” (Gray)
Eyebrows: LAQ “Alva” (Blonde)
Eyeshadow: LAQ “Eye Makeup” (01a and 01b)
Freckles: L.Fauna “Extra Freckles” (Pale) and LAQ “Freckles 01”
Shirt: Leverocci “Soft Satin Blouse” (Nude)
Undershirt:  Nylon Outfitters “Beret Girl”
Necklace: Yummy “Classic Literature Necklace – Multiple”


1.  Lamb “Wild at Heart” (Blush)

2.  Alice Project “Hyori” (Infinity pack – HUD)*

3.  Ploom “Valyra “ (Pinks & Purples pack – HUD)

4.  Elikatira “Later” (Colour 09)

5.  Magika “Whimsical” (02 pack – HUD)

6.  Exile “Crush“ (Babydoll)*

7.  Truth “Jessie“ (Fairyfloss with roots)

8.  Decoy “Aelia“ (Candy)*

9.  LaViere “Ambush“ (Candy Lover)*

10.  Wasabi Pills “Taleen“ (Jellyfish)

* denotes a Hair Fair 2012 style

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