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Apparently I’m in the mood to blog, two post in one day, I’m on  a roll with a side of slaw. I was passed a skin from EiDOLAN Skins, which is a brand I’m unfamiliar with, called Nikita. I tried on the various eye and lip tattoos that came with it and found the combo I liked. I put on my truth hair called Bailey which I thought might look too bohemian for the corset I am wearing from Dilly Dolls but I think it works. Just because someone is wearing a laced up corset doesn’t mean they gotta look “hard”. I think it’s a good balance.

The corset called Dola Pinstrip comes in various sizes, normally I’m a size M when it comes to standard sizing but this corset is XS. It fits the breast well but also makes my waist super tiny, which is okay, it’s a corset.

Hybie Is Wearing:

Skin: EiDOLAN Skins – Nikita – Pale DRK
Lips: EiDOLAN Skins – Nikita – Cherry Red
Eye Makeup: EiDOLAN Skins – Nikita – Red Lights
Hair: Truth – Hailey – night (mesh)
Corset: Dilly Dolls – Dola Pinstripe V2 Dark (mesh)
Eyes: Mayfly – Deep Sky – Twilight Forest (ONE VOICE EVENT)

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