The July 4th Spontaneous Party

I had an inadvertent party yesterday. It started out with me wandering around and telling my friend Codie “I’m SL Food shopping….somebody stop me.” She LOLed because she know’s I’m a dork of the highest order but really, if I’m SL food shopping it can only mean one thing -a party is brewing. I’m just the vehicle, like The Force on a Jedi, I just gotta roll with it when it happens.

Sending out calls to plurk and my FL, Ryker Beck and Harry Gearz were the first to arrive, Ryker was wearing a BEAUTIFUL gown, which she decided was not SL skank enough for the 4th and slipped into this. This caused Harry to question why he never saw jeans like that in RL. Boys are stupid.

But then Cajsa said she would DJ, and whaddya know……a real party blew up.

Once up on a time, Cajsa and I were in charge of events at our friends island. We’d pack it in two or three times a week. We were pretty good at it too. But the best parties aren’t the ones where there is a theme and prize boards. The best parties are the ones where everyone just shows up because they like you.

I asked for this deck to be built just for this reason, for parties. It’s kind of funny to me now that I’ve been here for several months, and this is the first party I’ve held here. I think I’ve been in “changing my SL hibernation mode.” I kind of felt great to get out of it.

Probably the highlight of the party was the discussion (and then DJ set which evolved) around THE BOX. Someone, I forget who, was remarking that they can’t “make” anything except a box, but they could make a MEAN box, and those of us oldbies started howling about how someone used to sell a BOX FOR YOUR STUFF on Onrez (remember ONREZ?). They featured it as something you could texture, resize, store in your inventory or leave out. And you could PUT THINGS in it. Seriously, that person, fucking crazy asshole genius.

This reminded me that, although I’d set out food & decorations, I hadn’t provided party favors for my guests. I think a good hostess knows that you always give people something lovely to remember your event by.

I hope everyone had an awesome 4th of July, even you non- Americans. It’s a day of joy and friendship to us, and it was amazing and wonderful to see so many friends from around the world and grid.

“One does not leave a convivial party before closing time.”

                                     ~ Winston Churchill

I wore:

Shape: Savoir Faire – Gidge
Skin: Adam N Eve – Samara Natural Tone – Crimson
Hair: Exile – Secret Summer – Stefani
Top: Somnia- Simply Ribbed Sheer – Deep Red (wearing two layers, to hide the nips!)
Shorts: Baiastice – Corte Shorts – blue
Glasses: Maxi Gossamer -Milano – for FaMESHed
Shoes: Fir & MNA – Bowlarama in Red and Blue
Manicure: Liberty Manicure
Eyes: Poetic Colors – Coral Reef
Lashes – Amacci – Eyelash Tattoo 6 and 5


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