Sunday Brunch…What NEXT??

After a haggering Saturday night, it seemed like the perfect solution for two best friends to meet up for some brunch and gossip about our previous night’s escapades…

…or to simply hang our heads in shame and regret, noting that we both had our panties in our purses and we couldn’t stomach the lemonade at hand.  Waiter, we’ll have mimosas, and plain white toast please.

Some mornings are really best spent with your best friend.


Our morning brunch table is from WHAT NEXT and is the Hampton Garden set which is available at CHIC2 and comes in three different colors. If you rezz the whole lot of it including the decorations it’s 22 prims which is pretty awesome for such a rich and fun set.

Shot on location at AMIRA

Available now at the CHIC2 Event – hop this link for a TP.

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