MySecondBox.Com – WOMENS is OPEN for Enrollment!

MySecondBox.Com – the premier subscription fashion service has opened and is now available to join! Just search Mysecondbox WOMENS to join.

What is this? Well lemme ‘splain.

Some of you may be familiar with Birchbox or other services where you pay a low monthly fee, usually ten bucks, and receive a box of sample beauty products which usually includes one full size product in the box. It’s kind of fun, a box of goodies, many of which you have never even heard of and for us girly girls, it’s like a present out of nowhere. Lotions, hair bobs, perfumes, lipsticks, it all just arrives in a little box and once a month you fall in love with a new product. works the same way except, you aren’t getting demos. These are real creators that will be sending you out one item, each month you’ll get five gifts for a monthly subscription fee of 300L. No lag. To missed delivery. If you didn’t pick up the item when it’s sent, just go into group notices and pick it up there.

The first three months rotation of creators are pretty hot:

Adore & Abhor
Alice Project
caLLie cLine
Discord Designs
Exposeur Poses
House of London
La Petite Morte

Le Bloom

Temporarily you must join the group at the beginning of each month as they aren’t able to set up a monthly fee via groups. However – a scripted solution is forthcoming.

Gifts will be delivered mid-month so don’t delay – get signed up.

Creators who might be interested in joining for future rounds – contact Kesseret Steeplechase.

COMING SOON – Mysecondbox for MEN and HOME & GARDEN!

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2 thoughts on “MySecondBox.Com – WOMENS is OPEN for Enrollment!

  1. Laura18 Streeter

    hi Gidge! Cute diea.
    My only concern would be the lack of dependability of handing out things in group notices. Most times, I can’t get the attachment out of the notice or the group if I go in the notices tab…

  2. Gidge Uriza Post author

    really? That’s pretty odd. Have you tried different viewers because, my stuff is always there if I check in recently received but everyone once in a blue moon I do have to relog if the grid is being a jerkwad. Also changing my inventory search to previous day or since log in some times make things magically appear.

    However, the scripted solution is coming as well. Sooner rather than later!

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