Home and Garden Expo: Mulholland by Barnesworth Anubis

Mulholland House by Barnesworth Anubis for Home and Garden Expo

While it was designed for city living, this island girl decided that there was nothing wrong with a house my boat could pull up to.  If it was good enough for John Ringling at Ca’ d’Zan surely a modern pixel girl could have such luxury.
The Pool of the Mulholland House - by Barnesworth AnubisWith windows looking out over the sunken pool, placing the house on water allowed me to create an eternity pool effect off the side.
The Deck - Muholland House by Barnesworth AnubisThe deck furniture is in keeping with the rest of the house a stylized modern vintage theme with lots of super rigid construction, meant to remind us of the past when they were certain that by 2000 we’d have flying cars. It’s gorgeous and sleek lines, which I love.
Barnesworth Anubis Muholland House - Huge Window all around.

The entire house is windows nearly, and allows for gorgeous views on all sides.

Open Floor Plan - Mulholland House by Barnesworth AnubisThe house is also an open floor plan and roomy enough for one or two comfortably.  I am standing in the bedroom which flows into the living room, all of which is again a nod to the post modern and stark look of the past.

Relaxing before bed in the Mulholland House by Barnesworth Anubis

This house and furniture and lovely other things from Barnesworth Anubis are available at the Home and Garden Expo going on now. You can hop over on this link to check out his items!

Bikini and Pajamas:Rezipsa Loc

Hair: Truth

Skin: Aura – Briar

House and all furniture: Barnesworth Anubis – MULHOLLAND house and furniture. Available at the Home and Garden Expo.

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