Maxi Gossamer New Jewelry Releases

Maxi Gossamer Inlaid Seahorse Necklace, Earrings and Ring

We don’t do a lot of single item sort of features but I was feeling daffy this morning and have several new jewelry pieces to show you from Maxi Gossamer. So, let’s take a look! The inlaid seahorse you can wear all the necklaces together or they are each also separate for a different look.

Maxi Gossamer Ketama Ring

Two new rings, really can’t have enough statement rings.

Maxi Gossamer Roho Rings

And the release of the Celtic Cross which comes in three sizes so YAY. Maxi’s jewelry is largely mesh an awesome and many pieces have color change options to increase your wearability factor.
Maxi Gossamer Celtic Cross

To my knowledge Maxi doesn’t have an inworld store, and that’s probably one reason why her prices are so ridiculously reasonable, check her out on Marketplace!

It’s an easy shopping list this week:

Jewelry: Maxi Gossamer

Awesomeness: All Me.

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