A crown of twig and stone

Oubliette (2)

This new dress from Wishbox was the perfect outfit for hanging out in Oubliette. I went there in the hopes of reacquainting myself with Saiyge’s gorgeous vardos, but instead, I bought some Balderdash jewelry and a headdress (oops, they jumped into my inventory), and got lost in this beautiful glade. Oubliette is all decked out for Spring.  Life sucks for a fashion blogger! OK it doesn’t. Come hang out in Oubliette!

Oubliette (1)

Eyes: Mutsu coffee eyes
Bracelet: Balderdash patience bracelet – tigereye
Outfit: Wishbox Wanderlust in red & black
Headpiece: Balderdash sticks and stones
Necklace: Balderdash Charmed, I’m sure in Faery Hoard version
Skin: fashionably Dead bird skin – winter 6
Hair: fashionably Dead flowers – orange 8
Poses: Lolapop & Diesel Works

2 thoughts on “A crown of twig and stone

  1. Wisp Jinn

    Lovely pictures 🙂 When I saw one of these on flickr I wondered if that was a headdress or some of the scenery at a brilliant angle. Now I know 😛

  2. Achariya Post author

    Why thank you Ms. Jinn! Yeah, Saiyge has an uncanny ability to make her creations match her natural landscape. She’s like the SL Capability Brown.

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