I could stand on Gidge’s hand!

I'm over here!

I am incredibly tiny today. I’m so tiny that it’s amusing me far much to pose my avatar in places around my house to see just how tiny I am. I bought this petite avatar yesterday after noticing that Material Squirrel sent me some demo petite wings. I stared at the wings, so tiny and pretty, and decided that I had to have something to stick them onto.

When I went to the Yabusaka Petite Market I felt instantly at home. Some of my favorite gothic/fantasy designers are already making stuff for petite avatars, so in no time at all I had a tiny little mesh body from Mynerva, hair from Wasabi Pills, and an outfit from Bare Rose. And the wings, of course! I might have to go back to the market today and see what else I can play with, it’s just too cute!

(SLURL to the Yabu Petite Market)

Paintbrush paintbrush fairy paintbrushOutfit: Bare Rose Petite Mocha Hare
Wings: Material Squirrel Isolde Wings in Dark Rose for Petites
Hair: Wasabi Pills Monique Petite Mesh in Iceberg
Avatar: Mynerva Light Drow
Poses: Lolapop!

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