Contessina by Glam Affair

I have a confession. I used to over shoot all my blog posts by, oh, probably 100 pics. Yeah, you heard me. I’d shoot like 100 pics or more and then sit and sort and sort and sort and try to figure out two or three that worked. Call it rookie blogger behavior, call it insecurity but it’s true.

It’s been a long four years blogging, and Cajsa will be be proud to learn that not only have I stopped that, this morning…I shot one picture.

This is it.

I have a second confession. When I shoot serious fashiony looks like this, I always pretend I am Mavi Beck. True fact.

Your Shopping List:

Eyelashes: Amacci – Eyelash Tattoo 6
Hair: TuTy’s_LIMBO_ Platinum
Jewelry: Dark Mouse Fresh Earring (Left)
Dark Mouse Fresh Earring (Right)
Dark Mouse Fresh Spring – Necklace (Chest)
Dark Mouse Fresh Spring – Necklace (Spine)
Shape:Gidge ~Savoir Faire Shapes~
Skin:-Glam Affair – Leah – Contessina BL
Eyebrow Shape-Glam Affair – Linn Eyebrows shape C
Eyes: Poetic Colors classic -tired lilac (m) bright
Pose: Status


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  1. Harper Ganesvoort

    Actually, it’s not a bad idea to shoot multiple photos and choose the best; it’s a not uncommon thing among pro photographers. I do this myself, sometimes tweaking light, sometimes other things. Having said that, you have a good one here.

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