The Aviator

Aviator 1

I bet if you ask most little boys (and probably some little girls) what they want to be when they grow up, you’ll hear “fighter pilot” quite a few times for an answer. And why not? These courageous men and women protect their countries and have had their exploits glorified in movies like Top Gun. Some, like my dad who was a bomber pilot many moons ago, are able to follow those childhood dreams. Most of us have to continue dreaming…

Aviator 2

I didn’t actually plan to create an aviator look. A while back, I was walking through Lapointe and Bastchild and saw their beautifully done leather jackets. For me it’s all about the detail and this jacket has it in spades. You can almost smell the leather in this one. Next stop was Gos, another king of detail. I own every one of his men’s boots and this one certainly didn’t disappoint. Now I admit the yellow turtleneck isn’t strictly regulation, but the splash of color seemed a good counterpoint to all the neutral tones.


Skin: Shawn SK by -Belleza-
Eyes: HD – 2010 blue sky Limon eyes 94 by EDDESIGN
Hair: ~ JAKE ~ Dark Brown by MADesigns
Hairbases: Army Brown by no.07
Jacket: S’Wear “Aviator” Leather Jacket Set in CHOC by .:L&B:.
Shirt: Turtleneck_Yellow part of CapeCoat Turtleneck and KnitScarf set in Black by ::Mr.Poet::
Pants: Chino pants 02 in Light Beige by *ARAI*
Aviator Boots – Yeager in Worn by [Gos]
Scarf: Wide Scarf by ::Mr.Poet::
Glasses: reban by primOptic

Pose from KMADD

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