Sometimes, you just gotta don the octopus hair

Purple sea, green skin (1)

This one’s from Weather or Not (!WorN?), for the Crazy Hair Hunt, and it made me reminisce about the old squid hat that Gritty Kitty created for an ancient Koreshan bake sale. (Gosh, who remembers that?) The two items are much different, though. The WorN one is beautiful and elegant (beyond all imagination, who’d’a thought an octo-hat would be elegant!), and the Gritty Kitty one is adorable. I’ll have to dig it out and show you guys sometime… Anyway, I do believe I have my next Illusions Masque outfit alllll picked out…

Purple sea, green skin (2)Dress: Rebel Hope Lalani Mesh Halter Gown in Ocean
Mask: Illusions Dragon Queen Mask
Hair: WorN Mesh Octohairs in matte seagreen
Eyes & Skin: Miasnow Cosmic Johanna in green – past
Poses: Lolapop! Happy & Katat0nik
Windlight: from Miss Strawberry

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