First I bite off the ears


Happy Easter! A little late, sorry, I was busy stuffing my face. I’m totally Buddhist (being half Asian and all), but in an American non-secular way I ABSOLUTELY stand behind any holiday that endorses eating awesome food and giving away lots of chocolate. Therefore, I hope you guys had tons of both today, no matter what creed. Cheers!

Avatar: DP**yumyum story of a bunny in cocoa
Shirt: Honey Kitty (oreo) favorite blouse
Bow: Honey Kitty Big Ribbon (02) in red
Socks: Katat0nik (sky/pink) Easter socks
Hair: Lamb! Opal – honeycomb roots
Cardigan: Honey Kitty (baby blue) rose knit cardigan
Boots: Honey Kitty (blue) lace-up boots
Skirt: Honey Kitty (indigo) polkadot denim skirt

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