Vacuuming Is For Ugly People

Vacuuming is for ugly people

One of the problems with moving is that I forget what I have, so I have to drag things out and then they need cleaned and I have to sort my life out all over again.

I was talking to a friend of mine last night, about how sometimes I start my SL over. I’ve done it several times, and many of the people change and the scenery sometimes changes. I’m still me. I didn’t change, but for whatever reason – maybe it’s just the transient nature of the grid, I find myself shoved into a new life, willingly or not.

I am learning to make the best of this as things go on. It’s just the cleaning up I don’t care for -metaphorically or real.


What can be a blessing though, is that as you sift through the rubble of your life, is that often you’ll find people that – although you knew they were there, you realize how very dear they are.

And you realize that good things were all around you all along, you simply had to turn your head.

So my advice this Friday for my fashionistas is, from time to time – Turn Your Head.

You never know who or what you might find.

Your Shopping List:

  • Hair – Wasabi Pills- Lola in Lemon Tea
  • Skin – AURA – Briar – Cream Tone – Twine
  • Lipstick – AURA – Briar – Powder pink
  • Top and Pants – RezIpsa Loc – Yoga Pants and Halter
  • Necklace – Dark Mouse – I like Skittles Too




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