The Mori-gyaru of Spring

There's totally a bird in my hairI had a surreal day. But I also got to be outside in the perfection that is an Orlando springtime, and because of that, I had to celebrate with a few springy photos in SL too. Here I am strutting around in my new Miel boots, enjoying a sakura-laden afternoon at the temporary Zacca & Nonino build. Mmm-achoooo! Ah, that sakura pollen!


Poses: Lolapop! Katat0nik poses
Sim: Zacca & Nonino
Skin: Milk Motion Therese in pale
Skirt: Honey Kitty (dot-yellow) half pleats skirt
Socks: Katat0nik from the Ruff Haus dress
Glasses: Hate Me and Eat Me – glasses – granny takes a trip
Freckles: L. Fauna serious freckles
Scarf: Miel fringe scarf – leafy
Boots: Miel timber boots, accidentally got the male version & resized down
Shirt: DP**yumyum Sweat T in yellow
Hair with bird: Look, sadly you can’t have this. It was by Clawtooth for an ancient Stumblebum. But I promise that if you go to Clawtooth you’ll find equally awesome hair.

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