Then leaf subsides to leaf

bloodorangeI love Drowsy. The two designers that play there (BettiePage** and Kurotsubaki) have a vision that is always steeped in Hayao Miyazaki levels of mythic creepiness. The sim’s been redone. There are a few structures left on their land, but the forest is overtaking it, and soon all of the beauty and art will be swallowed up by the trees. The sim won’t be around for long (in the words of Robert Frost, nothing gold can stay). But if you manage to catch it, you can find a few bits that help preserve the memory. I’ve got the puppet theater, and the message in the bottle, and a line of toy rabbits, and other odds and ends. I’ll miss you, Drowsy. Please return soon? (Visit Drowsy)

drowsyShorts: Fashionably Dead high waisted flowy shorts
Skin: (Milk Motion) NEW Theresa skin in pale with red lip add-on
Hair: Bettie Page bob hair A / brown
Shirt: Bettie Page sailor shirt in gray
Tights: Tres Blah tights in polkadot black
Nails: Mandala short nails
Shoes: Lassitude & Ennui arcanist in black
Eyes: MIASNOW shine copper

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