Mardi Gras stuff at Flux

I went to Flux and spent all my L on cool Mardi Gras stuff.

More Flux Mardi Gras things!Outfit: Katat0nik red jester dress for Flux
Makeup: Miss Shippe’s Studio mardi gras bar fight makeup for Flux
Beads: Schadenfreude green fleur de lys beads for Flux
Fan: Schadenfreude mardi gras fan for Flux
Chair: Jester’s Chair from Weather or Not?! for Flux
Cute wall stickers and plushie picture: ~silentsparrow~ for Flux
Hair: Bettie Page bob hair C in gold
Skin: Curious Kitties free Azil winter ice skins
Shoes: Lassitude & Ennui mesh overknee boots in black and red

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